5 methods for removing formaldehyde

Formaldehyde is a toxic substance, but it is also an important organic raw material, so in our lives, formaldehyde cannot be avoided. In particular, the newly renovated furniture and the newly purchased furniture all contain a large amount of formaldehyde, which is harmful to the health of us and our families. Therefore, today Xiaobian will introduce you to the 10 most effective ways to remove formaldehyde, to help you remove formaldehyde.(snowman shower curtain)

No1_Formaldehyde removal method: ventilation method

For newly renovated houses, the formaldehyde concentration must be high, so be sure to ventilate the room. Open all the doors and windows in the room, let the outdoor air and the indoor air circulate, and let harmful gases such as formaldehyde be discharged outside. The ventilation time is preferably around 3-6, and it is safer to stay in a new house.

No2_Formaldehyde removal method: plant adsorption method

Many green plants have a good role in adsorbing formaldehyde and purifying the air. We can choose some spider orchids, tigertail orchids, cacti, ivy, etc., not only to absorb formaldehyde, but also to beautify our room.

No3_In addition to formaldehyde method: fruit deodorization method

Formaldehyde often gives off a very pungent smell that we can't stand. So we can use some orange peel or pineapple skin to cut into small pieces and put them in every corner of the room or in the tasteful furniture, so that the smell of the fruit will cover the pungent smell, so that we will no longer suffer from odor. Troubled.

No4_Formaldehyde removal method: activated carbon adsorption method

Activated carbon is a small drug helper recognized by many people. Because activated carbon has the advantage of many pores, it can adsorb and decompose formaldehyde very well. And activated carbon does not cause secondary pollution to the indoor environment when adsorbing formaldehyde, but the activated carbon will be saturated for a certain period of time, so it should be replaced in time.(christmas shower curtain)

No5_Formaldehyde removal method: Formaldehyde scavenger

Formaldehyde scavengers use chemical reactions to remove formaldehyde. Spray formaldehyde scavengers on the surface of furniture with excessive formaldehyde, which can reduce the toxicity of formaldehyde and oxidize formaldehyde to formic acid. However, formaldehyde scavengers are prone to secondary pollution to the environment, so careful choice is still required. 

How to design a shower curtain

The bathtub is made at the corner, and it is a piece of heaven and earth. The two shower curtains are vague and very interesting. It looks like two doors, forming a separate space for the bath.

This is the magical place of the shower curtain. The shower curtain is separated from the wall by a distance, so that the bathtub does not appear to be closed and dull. The white shower curtain is surrounded by a circle, which surrounds the bathtub and makes people feel safe when bathing.

The plain floral shower curtain gives the white bathtub a fresh expression. The bathtub corner is designed with two small partitions, which can be used to place shower gel and other things. Black and white matching has always been the unconventional choice of the fashion industry.

The black pattern on this shower curtain makes the bathroom a bit more elegant. The sea-blue walls are more refreshing and unique because of the white lines, soaking in this bathtub, as if swimming in the sea is as free. The design of the window allows the bathtub to be light and enjoys the view from the window for relaxation. The shower curtain is designed to increase the privacy of the bathroom.

This European-style idyllic shower curtain is filled with a romantic retro atmosphere, and two decorative paintings are hung on one side of the wall, which instantly has an artistic temperament. Very fresh and rustic floral pattern, the shower curtain design makes the bathroom romantic and adds privacy. The walls of the bathroom are also faint yellow, and the whole space is harmonious and beautiful.

The white decoration will make the space clean and tidy and extend the vision. The design of the light yellow pattern shower curtain gives the pure white space a hint of color and vitality.

The black and white sash shower curtain is full of fashion, bathing in such a bathtub, not only can relax the body, but also feel the charm of fashion. The tiles in the bathtub and walls are light creamy white, and the design of the white shower curtain is more prominent. In order to increase the sense of fashion, the walls are made of black and white mosaic tiles. The cylinder of the bathtub is stylish light gray, the upper part of the shower curtain is milky white, the lower part of the cylinder surface is khaki, and the color is simple but full and warm.

The above is some knowledge about the shower curtain collected by Xiaobian. Renovation is really a very laborious thing, because you will be worried that the decoration can not meet the pattern you want, and it will be more troublesome to repair later.

So you can't just rely on the knowledge on the Internet, you can also take the experience from your friends around you, or talk to the decorator when you are decorating. Ask them some knowledge and communicate with them about the mode they want. Professional, this is also a way to take less detours!

How to choose a shower curtain

How to choose a shower curtain

Performance: The shower curtain not only has good waterproof performance, but also requires a surface treatment to handle the delicate touch, silky like satin. The top of the shower curtain is reinforced with buttonholes, and the lead wire at the bottom is more durable and smooth. Color pattern: the overall appearance is generous and beautiful, of course, it can also be based on your own special color preferences and pattern preferences. When shopping, of course, the size of the bathroom should be measured in advance so that a more suitable shower curtain can be selected. Shower curtain purchase shower curtain precautions There are several problems to be aware of when choosing a shower curtain.

First, the water retaining strips, many owners think that as long as the ground of the shower area is laid obliquely to the floor drain, but the drainage rate of the floor drain is slower than the speed of the shower. Therefore, the floor of the shower area should be equipped with a water barrier. The water barrier must be placed outside the shower curtain so that the water does not flow along the shower curtain to the outside of the shower area. It is best to choose the natural stone's water retaining strip, the thickness is 1 to 2 cm, and the mildew-proof high-quality glass glue can be placed on the outside of the shower curtain.

Second, the way the shower curtain is suspended. One is to install a flexible shower curtain track, and the other is to install a shower curtain rod. Special attention should be paid to the installation of flexible shower curtain rails. Today, the bathroom will be equipped with aluminum gussets, and the flexible shower curtain rails will be mounted on the aluminum gussets. Therefore, it is necessary to determine the specific installation position of the track, and then strengthen the keel in the corresponding position. The shower curtain rod is divided into an expansion rod and a nut fixed on the wall surface. If you use a straight shower curtain rod at home and you have a wall support point on both sides, you can choose the expansion rod. This kind of shower curtain rod is easy to install and move, and you can also take bath towels and the like. Curved shower curtain rods, it is best to choose two ends to be fixed on the wall with nuts, and must choose stainless steel tube, the wall is thicker, stronger.

Third, the choice of shower curtain. The length of the shower curtain must be appropriate, and the hem is preferably about 2 cm away from the ground. Choosing the right shower curtain will add a touch of color to the bathroom.

Best Beautiful Underwater World Great White Shark Waterproof Polyester Blue Bathroom Shower Curtain. This polyester fabric shower curtain is able to print colorful images with a fine degree of detail. In addition, this durable fabric allows for easy cleaning.Images imprinted using heat dye sublimation technique for lasting effects. Don't hesitate, choose the theme for the bathroom with a personalized shower curtain to match the tile and vanity colors now!

Bathroom shower curtain dress up, make the bathroom fun

Today, in the “light decoration and heavy decoration”, if you want to create a perfect living room space, then you will not be able to make beautiful decorations. The bathroom decoration is no exception, because the bathroom space is not decorated much, so in the bathroom decoration, the owners often pay great attention to the use and choice of small decoration.

In order to protect their privacy, the appearance of the bathroom shower curtain can be said to be born. Although the bathroom shower curtain does not count a very important decoration in the bathroom, it has a great influence on the whole bathroom decoration. The personalized and beautifully patterned bathroom shower curtain will also add a lot to the bathroom. Interesting.

With the improvement of living standards, people's requirements for bathroom shower curtains are getting higher and higher. Nowadays, the bathroom shower curtain in the market has already bid farewell to the solid color. The shower curtain with personality pattern or beautiful scenery will add color to the whole bathroom, and it will bring unexpected surprises to people.

The white sanitary ware and bathroom furniture create a simple bathroom, which makes it simple and generous, but in this fast-paced living environment, it can not help but seem a bit deserted. Adding some expensive decorations is not as good as using the soft elements to make the whole bathroom. The space has become fashionable and colorful, so the bathroom shower curtain that is not usually paid attention to here may be the protagonist of the color of the bathroom. 


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Choose furniture and fix it hard

The general style of decoration and architecture is the same, but the subtleties are still different. The same is true for furniture. The Nordic region likes bright colors and geometric patterns. American furniture is huge and emphasizes comfort. Western Europe emphasizes design and exquisiteness.

The furniture in Japan is low in quality and elegant in color. However, they are all modernist styles – emphasizing function and weakening meaningless decorations. Correspondingly, there will be differences in the choice of color and floor materials on the wall, so that it is more harmonious. In view of the fact that domestic furniture is not enough for competition, our furniture does not have some unique features.

We can refer to some other areas in the hard furniture, but it is not necessary to copy it. The hardest of the hardest is always wrong. If you really can't make a mistake, choose the basic model without a pattern. Like the furniture decoration, just look at whether they can match each other, and look good together, this is the style of your home. Just like some people like to install shower curtains, some people like to use glass partitions.

It's better to talk to the designer about the furniture you like, and tell him what color, material, and pattern you like, closer to your favorite home than to talk about “Janeou” and “American style”. Style is just a way for designers to understand customer preferences; now we have a mobile phone that gives designers a more intuitive understanding of the style we like.

If you don't look at the type of house, don't ask about your living habits, and ask what style you like, if you don't talk about it, you are staring at your money and preparing to play rogue. 


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How to choose the shower curtain?

1, look at the shower curtain material:

Peva is a polymer of pe and eva. It is also an environmentally friendly material. It is odorless and lubricated. It has a good hand feeling and its eva content determines its feel and drape. The higher the eva content, the softer the feel and the heavier the weight. The harder and lighter the lighter; the pvc has good transparency, toughness and durability, and the feel of the drape is normal. It will change with the change of the weather. The square gram weight is the highest, and it will have a faint taste. It is really taken out and scented. Will gradually fade. Some printed shower curtains can only be used with pvc.

2, look at the thickness of the shower curtain:

The problem of the thickness of the shower curtain is not that the thicker the fabric, the better. The too thick fabric tends to affect the breathability and waterproof function of the shower curtain. It is not easy to dry when exposed to water. It is easy to cause mildew when used for a long time, and is definitely thinner. Shower curtain, if the fabric draping feels good, it is also a good product, the application is very comfortable. A good shower curtain is to look at design, craftsmanship, phonograph, details, printing effects and more. The thickness that is often produced is 0.1-0.15mm. The simplest comparison method is the shower curtain of the same size and the same material. The weight is determined by the weight. In addition, I would like to explain to you that many buyers have misunderstandings and feel that pvc's thick peva is thin, this statement is faulty. Any material is thick and thin, and the thickness is related to the material used for production and the material does not matter.

3, look at the shower curtain gas "taste":

The breath is related to the process of printing the shower curtain. Printing shower curtains (printing) and handprints (manual printing), machine printing is machine printing, printing will not smell, but only print some repeatable colors; handprints are manual printing, used individually The consequences or non-repeatable colors, how big is the screen curtain, how many colors have a few screens, the shower curtain should be tiled one color and one color, the craft is very complex, into the original shape The control is higher, and at the same time, there is also a comparatively heavy ink smell. The new shower curtain is packaged directly, and it will have an ink smell. It will be hanged, ventilated, and the ink will naturally evaporate.

4, see the shower curtain has "grey":

Sprinkle talcum powder on the shower curtain, because of the characteristics of pvc, so that it will not stick together, there will be after packaging; in addition to pvc material, the shower curtain of the handprint process will sprinkle talcum powder regardless of the material. In order to maintain the newly printed ink. After you receive it, wipe it with a damp cloth or hang it with water.

The above is how to choose the size of the shower curtain introduced by Xiaobian and how to choose the shower curtain. I hope to help you choose the right shower curtain.


How to choose the size of the shower curtain?

1, shower curtain width

The size of the shower curtain in the store is width* height. Please note: the width of the shower curtain is wider than the width of your bathroom, which is the actual width of the shower curtain you need to pull, such as the width of your bathroom or bathtub. 160cm, then you need to buy a 180-wide shower curtain, curtains need to have room for extension, buy 160 is not tight.

2, shower curtain height

The height of the shower curtain is mostly between 180 cm and 200 cm. The height of the shower curtain hem should be 1-2 cm. It's best not to drag the hem to the dirt, sometimes it is easy to tear the shower curtain if you accidentally step on it. There are some types of flats that are high-end for aesthetic reasons, and you can also choose a high-end shower curtain. In addition, the shower curtain is machine pressed, and the size is 2-3cm. It is normal. Internationally, the conventional size is 180*180 (American custom size) and 180*200 (European conventional size).


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How to clean molds for shower curtains

Soak for about 10 minutes. If the water turns yellow and black, and the mildew is obviously gone, you can use clean water to clean it. After washing, put the shower curtain in a dry place to dry. Alcohol disinfection has a strong disinfection effect, which can effectively remove dark spots.

When you see a mildew on the shower curtain, you can remove the dark spots. You can dilute the alcohol with water and spray the mold on the shower curtain evenly because of alcohol. In addition to disinfection, it can also remove mold. Then rinse with a shower, all kinds of mold can be washed off!


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